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Registration, select your running distance and the series, age series by birth date:

When signing in the participants of the marathon announce their birth date according which the runners are put to different classes. The class is determined by the age on December 31st of the running year (IAAF rule 141, article 1). If the runner wishes, she/he can compete in open class, but not in other classes.

  • There is age limit of 18 years to Helsinki Spring Marathon competition.

  • There is no age limit for Helsinki Spring half Marathon and Helsinki Spring 10K running race competition. However, the participation of a runner under 18 years old, is under minor´s parent´s responsibility.


Select your running distance and the series, (W 40 = age serie: women 40 years, general = general series):
When you registration, make sure you are sure to registration to for the correct age range. 

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